Friday, July 16, 2010


I thought the standard library of gcc compiler doesnt support function getch(); like the conio.h provides.That means the standard library dont have conio.h headerfile.
so i was thinking to make a new function called getch();.
But later i found out that getch() is provided ncurses dont can also include getch(); function into your c program by using ncurses.h headerfile.
i hope you know how to compile a ncurses included c file.

$gcc -g program.c -lncurses

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ubuntu Makes me so helpful.

I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop,got my sound working well and graphics too.but its a little slow due to insufficient RAM.Thinking from hacker's side,My plan is to completely redevelop my ubuntu linux to my own baxzius linux!.Don't you understand.
Of-course putting hands on another one's code,adding some of your own to it and integrating like your own creativity.
But for Hacking, you gotta known some of the great basics which is mandatory.
1.C programming
2.Linux Essentials
3.Gtk programming (GUI)
3.Header Files.
4.Mentor's Help and advices.
5.Source code reveiwing

Thinking that you have the these things with you and acting like a kernel hacker can make you a complete idiot.A kernel hacker is a super genius programmer who develops linux source codes and solves the problem of current linux problems.

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